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"We could have saved thousands if we had used Brokrr for our last lease. Next time, we’ll go with Brokrr."

Pete Dignan


"With so many moving pieces and types of leases, finding an office is a pain. Brokrr makes it easy to decide without having to spend weeks chasing down proposals and running financial models."

Russ Harris

saves time

Saves Time

Once you have a list of properties, it usually takes forever to verify if each one could actually be a good fit. Your broker qualifies each property for you so you only see the most relevant options. The tedious financial comparisons and proposals are put together for you in an easy to digest format, simplifying your life.

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saves money

Saves Money

The fact of the matter is, if you're not a real estate professional, landlords may assume you don't know the market prices. Competitively bidding out your leasing requirement ensures you get taken seriously. Feel confident you won't overpay for your next office space.

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hunt like a pro

Talk to a Pro

Commercial real estate data is scattered everywhere. You have to jump from website to website or endlessly drive around, scouring for leasing signs just to find a few decent options. Let us reach out to all of the local professionals that own and lease properties in your area to make sure you're seeing every relevant option.

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