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Finding the right lease can be tricky. Rents vary from triple net to full service gross, lease start dates never seem to line up perfectly, different landlords offer different terms, tenant improvement allowances change from building to building, and plenty of other sneaky tactics are used to disguise what you're actually paying for office space. It can be frustrating. Let us show you exactly how much you are paying so the decision is as quick and easy as possible.

Detailed Lease Comparison

Park Place Broadway Suites Gotham Towers Sky Center Suburban Palace
Start Date 10/1/2013 10/1/2013 12/1/2013 10/1/2013 10/1/2013
Base Rent (/SF/YR) $29.50 $21 $28 $33 $17.50
Square Feet 5,501 4,768 5,712 5,186 6,345
Lease Type Modified Gross NNN Gross Modified Gross NNN
Expenses Additional to Base Rent $4 $11.50 0 $2.50 $7.00
Lease Term (months) 65 60 63 63 60
Rent Escalations (annual increases in base rent) $.50 $.75 $1 $.50 $.25
Months of Free Rent 5 0 3 3 0
Tenant Improvement Allowance (per square foot basis) $0 $30 $10 $35 $15
Tenant Improvement Buildout Cost (estimated per square foot basis) $0 $20 $10 $30 $10
Right of First Refusal/Offer No Yes Yes No No
Expansion Right No Yes No No Yes
Termination Option Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Parking Ratio (spots per 1000 square feet) 3.5 2.7 3 3.6 4.4
Total Parking Cost Per Year $45,000 $60,000 $54,000 $45,000 $15,000
Number of Reserved Parking Spaces 0 2 0 0 5
Signage Directory, Suite Suite Directory, Suite Directory, Suite Monument, Building, Suite
Construction/ Design Hired By Who? Landlord Tenant Tenant Landlord Landlord
Early Access Upon lease execution Upon substantial completion of tenant improvements 11/1/2013 Upon substantial completion of tenant improvements Upon substantial completion of tenant improvements
Building Amenities Deli, gym, atrium Gym, patio Conferencing facilities, coffee shop Deli Car charging stations, interstate access
Assignment/ Subleasing Yes Yes *Yes, not to current tenants Yes Yes
Security Deposit/ Securitization 2 months rent 1 month rent Letter of credit only Personal guarantee 1 month rent
Landlord Comments "Engaged in conversations with another potential tenant, no agreements made yet." "Want to streamline this process as quickly as possible.  We think you could be a great fit for the building." "Willing to be aggressive to get you in the door."