Finding Chicago Office Space for Lease- Available Outlets


The office space search process is painful.  Here is an outline of the different ways to find Chicago office spaces to lease, including the more and less painful options.

Chicago Office Space For Lease

Some people get in their car and drive around looking for leasing signs, others already have a specific building in mind, and some scour the internet for Chicago office space for lease.  There is plenty to gripe about, because none of these methods seem that efficient.  You are probably thinking there must be some complete database that houses all of this information to make it easier.  Well, you’re right, but there is more to it than that.

We will use a variety of anecdotes, many of which you may be able to relate to after having gone through a Chicago office space for lease search before.  

Here are the different common methods to find Chicago office spaces to lease:

  • Ask a friend- you may know someone that works out of an office that perfectly fits everything you need.  It has the common conference room you could hold your monthly meetings in, it is just a short commute away from your house, all of the employees can access it easily, and it aesthetically fits the image your company promotes.  So, you walk over there and sign a lease next week right?  If only Chicago office space leasing was that simple.  What happens too often is that you need 5,000 square feet, but the building only has 19,000, 25,000, 1,500, and 3,200 sf spaces.  So where does that leave you?  They could just divide up that 19,000 sf space for you right?  Not always.  Often landlords will not break a space up into smaller spaces.  If they can lease the space in one transaction rather than four, you could imagine that would be advantageous.  Putting yourself in the landlord’s shoes helps to think through this.   
  • Drive around looking for leasing signs- the next way is how it used to get done a long time ago.  You know you want to find Downtown Chicago office space to lease, so you jot down numbers of 7 different brokers on buildings that look like a good fit.  When you call up Joe Listing Broker, he tells you how great of a building it is.  You say you need 5,000 square feet and he says, “Perfect! I have a 9,000 square foot space that is just right for you.”  So obviously that isn’t going to work, a $10,000 a month overage is not ideal, but Joe Listing Broker doesn’t care.  He only has so many spaces and he only shows you his own listings.  He then tells you about this great suburban office that would work better and is 5,000 square feet.  Except you don’t want to be in the suburbs.  So you call the next broker on your list and the process gets repeated over and over again.  Sound painful?  That’s because it is.  Also, you will now have 7 different listing brokers calling you repetitively to sell you on how great that building was, even though you know it won’t work.  Furthermore, your name was just entered into 7 different companies’ databases for future business development. 
  • Scour the internet- you find everything else you need on Google right?  So you type into Google “Chicago office space for lease” and look through the results.  Some of the services you have to pay for, some are offering residential spaces, some seem irrelevant, and some pages have listing data, but only a building here or there.  So you’re thinking, there must be a database somewhere that has an exhaustive list of every building and space available for lease that makes this easier.  Well you’re right.  That database does exist.  However, unlike Trulia and Zillow, these databases are not free.  In fact, many of them require annual contracts and those contracts cost thousands upon thousands of dollars.  Seems frustrating that the tenant who wants to spend money (a lot of it at that) on leasing a space would have to spend so much to see this database.  So you think, “Oh, I know! Craigslist!”  Soon you realize that Craigslist too only has a space here or there, but not any significantly useful amount of Chicago office spaces to lease.  If you have progressed through each of these steps, which many have by now, you might be about to officially lose it. 
  • so how is this whole Brokrr thing different?  Well, for one, sign up just takes 5 minutes total.   You just enter where you are looking, what you are looking for, when you need it, and before you know it, properties are added on your account for free by a tenant rep specialist in your area.  You might be thinking, uh oh, don’t I have to pay this person?  No, you don’t.  Tenant brokers on get paid by landlords.  So you’re thinking, doesn’t that raise the cost of my lease?  Well it turns out, if you just call buildings directly, the listing broker actually gets a double commission.  So either way, a broker is going to make the commission.  Why not have part of the commission go to pay an agent negotiating for you rather than the landlord?  Ok, why go through then?  Because commercial real estate is at the very top of the list of industries that have been least affected by technology to this point in time.  Brokrr is changing that.  Our web platform streamlines the process so you can lease space in much less time.  Furthermore, the brokers on our site are verified professionals that are experts specifically in what you need leased.  Listings are provided to you and you won’t have to setup any tours, analyze lengthy lease proposals, or crunch any numbers.  Everything will be handled for you so you only have to focus on one thing: making an easy decision.  Finding Chicago office space to lease in its least painful form.  

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